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about america's belief that all men and basi rights. >> we do not believe these principles are unique to america, rather, they are universal rights. >> reporter: a human rights group says the chinese police prepared for the president's visit by rounding up dozens of suspected activists. officials reportedly warned others not to "make trouble" during president obama's time in the country. the two leaders say they'll discuss human rights again at another summit meeting early next year. joel brown, cbs news, the white house. > as for xt month's climate change summit, both the u.s. and china will back an agreement committing rich countries to reduction targets for greenhouse gases. developing countries would agree to softer goals. anita. >>> in tonight's "flualert," the federal government is on the lookout for rare side effects from the h1n1 vaccine. now that millions of americans have gotten doses, doctors are monitoring unusual increases in severe iless to see if they're coincidental or if they may be related to the n1 vaccine. rm si effects wi flu vaccines include soreness or swellin
. business insider magazine has named it the most esteemed city in america, beating out the likes of l.a. and philly to name a few. audrey barnes brings us the story. >> reporter: herndon, virginia, in the heart of suburban dc's tech corner, has a dirty little secret. it has been named most obscene city in america. >> i guess that just goes to show you that in the privacy of your own home, i guess you really don't know what people are doing. >> reporter: apparently when they aren't playing in the park, record numbers of herndon residents are googling those seven wordses george carlin says you should never say on television. beating out cities like philadelphia, st. louis, and los angeles in the business insider survey. >> i definitely am surprised by that because i don't hear it too often. day to day. >> reporter: at the world gate shopping center, they're calling it world gate. >> if i go here, it is dc not herndon. >> last year louisville kentucky came in first and since then apparently they cleaned up their act and finished 10th. >> clearly herndon residents want off the list. >> i
reports, this time the crew wasn't having it. >> somali pirates tried to hijack america's alabama cargo ship again. >> they came up on a skiff within 300 yards and used small arms in attempt to climb the ship. >> they used an alarm. three pirates struck the vessel. a u.s. surveillance plane is monitoring it to make sure it safely reaches its destination on the kenyan coast. last april, pirates hijacked the same container ship, taiging richard phillips captive. he was held captive until snipers rescued him and killed three of his captorred. they captured a fourth gunman, who is now in the u.s. facing trial. u.s. and european allies frequently face off against pirates in the region. many cargo crews hire private security teams to travel on board. a military spokesman said it was pure chance somali pirates targeted the alabama for a second time, but this time the crew was ready. charlie, cbs news. >>> and that's suspected somali pirate being suspected is only a teenager. but he is going to be tried as an adult. the judge could sentence him to life. >>> first a high flying linkup and supp
in the weeks, the months, and years to come. god bless you and god bless the united states of america. >> thank you. >> president barack obama, breaking into previously scheduled conference on native american rights and talking at the tragedy at fort hood. the mass shootings there to keep going back to that story as the news developments come in. and right now it had is out of montgomery county. they are live over the the evening rush from the second night in a row, drivers are facing major delays getting home. similar to last night, the ongoing computer meltdown that has created the gridlocks across the county and they are not fixed. the experts are not sure when it will be fixed. the county executive tell us that this could be an issue until monday morning or beyond while the workers manually reach hundreds of traffic lights that the broken down computer used to control. scott broom is live out there in rockville tonight, following this since yesterday, scott? >> yeah, it's the tragic lights like this one at rockville pike that they will be resetting manually. the lights are working and the p
. >> the challenges and hardships nobody ever see. many who fought for america overseas the redskins helped. >> it was no big fun being in vietnam but. watching sports kind of passes time away. >> reporter: although they live in two different worlds they each seem to admire each other's approach for their unique way of dealing with adversity. >> it is like a military day for us every week when we go to battle yet the risks are far less important than the risks that our military take. >> they will come through. i've got faith in them. >> reporter: at redskins park, 9news now and >> maybe that's just the mojo the redskins needed. >> thanks for that, brett. we will send it over to anita now. >>> a health alert for you. controversial chemical found in all kinds of plastics including baby bottles may cause sexual problems in men. that's the word from an alarming new study on chinese factory workers exposed to super high levels. even if the men had only worked with bpa for a few months they were at higher risk for problems such as erectile dysfunction. government agencies are conductin
" rocketed to the third biggest weekend. earning more than $140 million in north america. and the blind side, they opened up in second place. followed by 2012, planet 51 and does' a christmas carol. >>> she's back. ♪[ music ] >> scottish singing sensation, susan boyle released her first cd. featuring the classic kits including ones by artists of madona and the rolling stones. it's already smashing sales records in the u.k. and the most preordered cd in amazon's history. >>> later this week, they had join the quest of shoppers looking for toys. up next, we'll help can you find some ways to fill that list in the safe way. >>> plus, the suspected bank robber eats his words literally. the proof is caught on tape. >>> well, we have the light rain and the showers across the metro area. we'll take you out there. you can access this on our website on showers, really akr-sz most of the district -- across most of the district out there into leesburg pushing off to the north and east. we'll come back to tell you when they roll out. if you missed it, we'll have another wednesday forecast co
. >> life in america is very easy. >> reporter: much different than life in his homeland. while it took him a while to open up about it he eventually did. >> we have been through some local tribal warfare that occurred losing family members, lost his home. >> this is wild. wild. i really -- i knew some of this stuff happened but i didn't know it happened every day. >> those experiences in hand, francis implored his new brother and new team to cherish what they have. >> don't misuse the opportunity you have right now. >> you look at someone who came from his situation and kind of step back and look at how bless you are. >> reporter: his goal is to eventually return home and help his own people. safe to say he's helped a few here. dave owens, 9 news now and >> thank you, dave. >>> julius just is now a freshman at winthrop but he plans to come back and be with his american family here at thanksgiving which shea they say is always a concern because how much this kid can eat. >> here's your turkey. >> they will have to do a feast for sure. >>> up next, teaching teachers, a new way to
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. the reason for that is because of the cheapest calories that we sell in america are the calories that still have the nutrients in them. >> steering the kids away from the value meals at the restaurants and towards eating with the family. >> and at the television center, a lot more food that you won't be aware of. to find a sport or the activity that they love. and to embrace the exercise that they give them every day. >> change that there, you go. >> okay, now, what if your child has a weight problem? we have a campaign that is called lighten up, sponsored by children's hospital and you get a free kit like this one, weight loss towards nutritional devices here, shopping bag and healthy food is all for you for free. go to and click on lightening up on our home page. click on the living well page for more video between the q and a and dr. oz and the kids. thank you for joining us for 9news now at five. 9news now at six starts
on americas's largest and most reliable 3g network. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v to get all four services, for just... plus an additional $150 back. only from verizon. but i've got a warm, fresh baked strawberry toaster strudel. see the difference? mmmm. i do. (announcer) pillsbury toaster strudel. the one kids want to eat. that, on the list of things kids love, our party pizzas have just passed toy robots. awkward. kids love totino's party pizzas. welcome back b welcome back let's reset some of the top stories in the news. two teenagers are in love, their parents disapprove and police say these two teenagers died together in a suicide pact inside a home in triangle, virginia. investigators have released their names. desiree pat rake and quirinius williams. >>> a shortage of the liquid medicine used to fight the flu in kids has pharmacists stepping up to help. some are beginning to concoct their own liquid version of tamiflu and they have the blessing of the fda. >>> versus in virginia have another hour and a half to cast their new ballot. fo
america, they find hanging onto these too long could impact the child's speech. >> and the study found the preschoolers are three times as likely for the other kids to use the pacifier for at least three years. many parents, they will tell you that it is hard to take that path away and the childhood development, they said that it could interfere with the normal babbling. they say that the ideal time to make the pacifier disappear is when a baby starts to crawl and the older the child gets as you know, the more resistant that they will be. >> when it comes to losing weight, we all know that you need to cut back on calories. in most cases, some of the fat in your diet. now, nutritionists at tennessee are exploring whether the type of fat you cut out are actually added in to make a dieting difference. >>> i'm going to measure that up an inch and a half above your hipbone. >> check-in time for cooper. >> perfect. >> finishing up two weeks in a new diet study and she's surprised. >> i can't eat enough of my food. it's so much and i'm not used to eating as much as it is on the menu. >> these
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11